blue-dress-3Hi I am Lana, a former driving instructor, writer and student who teaches and resides in Alberta. I have taught hundreds of students of all ages safe driving and parking methods to help them pass the road test and obtain an Alberta driver’s licence.

My philosophy is simple, if you have knowledge that others may benefit from, share it. I have created a website to show case my videos, occasional blog and book all related to driving and helping you obtain or keep your driver’s licence.

My hope is that the learning material I have created will help teach or refresh you with safe driving and parking methods. I am still in favor of students taking professional driving lessons however for some students that is not an option.

I know that a driver’s licence has the ability to change your life, giving you new ways to reach your potential. It gives youth the ability to drive to different locations for school, sports, work and recreation creating new possibilities. If you are an adult just learning to drive it can make a huge difference in your employment options and make travel with your family much easier. If you are a senior and are already a great driver but need to refresh I hope you find my information useful.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Lana D.

Note: I provide information and advice but assume no liability or responsibility for your driving actions, as I am not in the vehicle with you. So be careful and drive safe, Lana 🙂