Got Smashed!

Well I wish I could say we got smashed in a fun way but such is not the case. My son was driving to work and was stopped for a red light turning left from Anthony Henday onto Rabbit Hill Road and boom a truck smashed into the rear-end of our vehicle. Our car was demolished and my son is very lucky to be alive. Almost a year prior we purchased a big older car for him to drive that we only put PLPD insurance as we paid under $5k for the car but added a new tires and a car starter for winter. The driver of the truck was clearly at fault it was not busy, around noon, with three lanes for him to choose from (two left turning and a right turn) and he probably didn’t even slow down prior to crashing into the back end of our vehicle. Makes a person wonder what he was doing from the time he exited the Henday onto the off ramp all the way up to the red light and why he didn’t appear to even slow down? Obviously he was distracted but how could he be distracted for so long, makes a person wonder? He must have been concentrating very hard on something which was probably his phone, he apparently was not impaired.

How can we turn this negative experience into a learning experience so it doesn’t happen to you? Was there anyway my son could have avoided this accident? Honestly in this case probably not. He was blocked in at the red light, there was a truck in front of him and vehicles on his left and a cement meridian on the right. The truck that hit him was coming too fast and there was no where to go, and there was no time to think and move but sometimes you can move out of the way if you see someone not stopping behind you, so watch the drivers coming up behind you maybe you can save yourself from being rear-ended.

Scary isn’t it and the police officer called it an everyday accident. Distracted driving is scary and dangerous and this scenario can happen to anyone of us at anytime. Your probably wondering what happened to the driver? Well he got a big ticket! Doesn’t seem fair he almost killed my kid. So when I hear BC is handing out distracted driving tickets for phones being in cup holders I say YAY, maybe this will save a kid or adult from going through what my son went through!

Since the accident my son and I have been more cautious: watching the drivers behind my vehicle; leaving a larger space cushion between my vehicle and other vehicles in front of mine; being sure not to go over the speed limit and driving speed appropriate for the conditions. Remember your speed controls the speed of vehicles behind you. Drivers sometimes drive: monkey see, monkey do or your going to fast, so will I. Do you really want the vehicle behind you speeding on your tail as you are there first point of crash contact, um I don’t think so!

When deciding what kind of vehicle to buy for yourself or your children, investigate the crash ratings and don’t skimp on safety. We live in a driving world now where idiots can easily kill you or your children because they are on their phones. I see idiots on their phones all the time ever day and everywhere I go, the distracted driving laws are doing little to save us. Little cars are great for cost savings but make sure they will save you in a crash.


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