Motorcycles with Vehicles chasing behind them

When I see motorcycles speeding down the freeway or roadway and they have one or two vehicles chasing behind them (not the police) I don’t get it. Why would a person in a vehicle want to speed a few feet behind a motorbike? If they think they can speed along and the police will only give the guy on the bike a speeding ticket, they are wrong! Speeding along behind a motorbike is crazy, it puts the driver of the motorbike in so much danger. (Yes, the guy on the bike is an idiot for speeding but why put his life at further risk?) Now that I am blogging on this topic I am wondering if the vehicle in pursuit of the bike could have been chasing for road rage purposes (possible), however I have seen this several times so they could not all be road rage incidents. Motorcycles need lots of room because they are vulnerable vehicles, leave a generous space cushion around them at all times. You never want to be the idiot that didn’t leave a big enough space cushion and hurt or killed someone on a bike. (Sorry I am stuck on saying idiot tonight!) The point of this topic tonight is: tell your new young drivers not to chase motorbikes down the roadway. You may think: oh the kid I know would never do that, but someone’s kid is doing it, don’t let it be yours. Here’s why: Motorbike crashes with vehicle in hot pursuit, biker dies probably and young driver probably goes to jail for reckless driving and possibly some charge related to the other kid’s death, two lives ruined, not to mention the parents and families. Boom!

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