Right of Way

Always remember right of way is given, and not taken. (Safety 1st)

I have witnessed two driving situations in the last week, where the driver of a vehicle has tried to give away their right of way, or was completely unsure of their right of way. If you are confused about right of way, you need to read over the provincial driving guide. If you read the rules for yourself you will obtain the correct information first hand, as opposed to asking someone who could provide you with inaccurate information, unless they are a professional.

Here are the situations I witnessed:

Vehicles were stopped at a stop sign waiting for a left turning vehicle with no stop sign to turn. The driver of the left turning vehicle with no stop sign, had no oncoming traffic, and was clear to turn. Instead of turning, this driver (no stop sign) was attempting to waive the driver at the stop sign, (on his left) to turn left in front of him. The driver at the stop sign thankfully did not turn, and encouraged the other driver to complete his turn. Kudos to the driver at the stop sign.

&  next

Two vehicles on opposite sides of the intersection both stopped at stop signs (two stop signs on opposite sides), one turning right, and one turning left in the same one lane. (Both were turning in the same direction) No traffic, both were clear to turn. The right vehicle stopped slightly after the left. The driver of the vehicle turning right was trying to waive the driver of the left vehicle to turn. (Right vehicle has the right of way) Assume your right of way when given to you.






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