Timing Right Turns

The other day I was driving down a two way traffic road, single lane on each side, speed limit was 60, and I saw something interesting to blog about. A young lady slowed down for a stop sign, and was signalling right. The lady then looked right to see if anyone was coming, she probably saw a dodge ram travelling towards her. I saw the ram too, and it appeared to be travelling at a speed close to 60 kms. Instead of stopping, the lady stepped on the accelerator, and turned. The truck couldn’t change lanes as there was only one lane, so had no choice but to slow down so he didn’t rear end her jeep.

I think improperly judging the time it takes to turn right is a mistake new drivers often make. I made that mistake often when I was a new driver. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to turn. If you are just fresh out on the roads you will need more time to turn safely. The time you need to turn depends on your skill level, how far away from you the oncoming vehicle is, and the speed they are travelling. The faster the oncoming vehicle is coming towards you, the faster they will reach you. If you think you will have to rush the turn to make it in time, then wait for a bigger break in traffic. Some of my new students need the space of a full clear block to turn right safely. (depending on the size of the block) As you continue to drive your judgment and skill improve, and driving becomes easier. Be careful, and be safe!! Lana:)

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