Left Turns at Large Intersections

I am blogging about this today because I have seen several accidents involving left turns at the big overpass intersections. I think new drivers or inexperienced drivers may get nervous when they have to turn left on a green light when the intersection is large and they have to cross 3 or more lanes to turn. Here’s the thing no matter how big the intersection the rules stay the same in that you must have a break in traffic, large enough to turn!!!!! If there are vehicles oncoming and your not sure if the break is large enough or if you are confused about turning, do not turn!!! Wait another break might come and if a break does not come, you may turn when the light turns to yellow and the oncoming traffic stops or is stopping, which happens every couples of minutes at a light. Remember you need more time to turn when the intersection is large so you need a bigger break in traffic. When it is icy it takes longer to turn because you vehicle does not always move right away because the tires are slipping.┬áSome of these intersections are especially difficult to judge because the road isn’t always on a level surface. Anyways remember if you are the first vehicle turning left and the light is green enter the intersection straight right of the yellow line (so if you are hit from behind you move straight and not into oncoming traffic) and wait for a large enough break in traffic to turn. Do not be bullied into turning early!! ┬áBe careful and drive safe!!!!!!

PS. Even if your not turning left at a large intersection and driving straight through, drive pro-actively, don’t speed and watch out for inexperienced drivers that may have jumped the gun on their left turn. Let’s work together to keep everyone safe. Take care Lana

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